The Most Important Transition In Life

Deserves The Most Attention


R.E.A.L. – An ‘Inclusive’ Resident Life Program Based on a New Understanding of Love

THDC’s answer is R.E.A.L., a program that guides young adults who live on campus and at home during this most promising and challenging period of their life. The program was inspired by THDC college interns.

What Our Interns Have To Say - “The Work Transformed My Life For Good.” 

We have had over 50 interns in the past 5 years who have learned and used concepts of awareness, vision, communication and loving behaviors toward self and others. This is what some of them had to say - 

Bringing R.E.A.L. to your campus

Find Out How Easy and Cost Effective R.E.A.L. really is.  

THDC-Proposals for Colleges and Universities

 To Fully Develop Young Adults They Still Need the Nourishment from 'Mother's' Love

The Process of Abandonment Begins During The Teenage Years and Culminates During The College Years.






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