The Human Development Company (THDC) provides e-courses in every aspect of lifespan human development from parenting, aging, personal development, relationship development, psychotherapist trainings to marriage. THDC can help you to become aware of concepts like What love is and What is the true purpose of marriage... answers that will help you to nurture your relationships and make them great.

College Program - Are You Ready To Be Real?

This e-course is for an 18-30 year old population and teaches concepts about; 1. self-esteem, 2. what love is, 3. why it is so painful when we're deprived of it, 4. how to communicate effectively, 5. how to create a dynamic working vision for any relationship, and 6. how to become self-sufficient in giving oneself and others, as well as asking for unconditional love. Online Beta testing has been ongoing. We're presently writing the next generation of the course.

The course is in 6 parts and our suggestion is that it is taken over a 6 week period to allow for the assimilation of ideas.
It is also highly recommended that all the sessions are revisited for a few months till the ideas take hold. Each session introduces necessary concepts and the tools. Click on this link - https://www.thehumandevelopmentcompany.com/elearning/login/index.php - to go to the website's log in page - where you have to create your own account, before you can access the course.

Other courses coming online are:

1) Parenting, which teach how to develop a child’s potential without inadvertently damaging areas like awareness, the ability to envision and communicate, and the most important interpersonal skill:  loving unconditionally.

2) Aging, which creates a new, exciting paradigm for a process that until today has been primarily viewed as a period of decline. By understanding nature’s plan for self-actualization, adults can plan for and execute a life goal much more dynamic than anything they experienced at other stages of life.

3) Personal development, which gives people the awareness and tools they need to create fulfilling relationships, careers, health, and wealth.

4) Relationship development, which allows participants to heal any relationship they want, be it parent, child, spouse, sibling, friend, co-worker, and find great relationships and nurture them into their best potential.

5) Marriage, which enriches or heals marriages by creating new visions, using unconditional behavior to manifest them, and learning powerful communication skills, including the framing of messages in ways that move, touch, inspire, and motivate your spouse to respond positively and lovingly, rather than automatically.