Unconditionality – Is It The Answer?

First Symposium Toward A Unified Science of Love

Hosted by The Human Development Company
Manhattan, NY – June 2016

THDC has successfully accomplished the first step of unifying concepts on love by organizing this symposium with esteemed scholars from around the world.

Questions that were raised were;

  • What is love?
  • What role does it play in human development, child development, relationships, parenting, health and well-being, career success, business productivity, and other areas of life?
  • Can we increase the amount of love people receive and give? Is this important – and why?
  • What research has been done in the area of love?
  • What types of research would we like to see done?

One of the challenges for participants  discussed was the various definitions of terms like love, romance, conditional, unconditional, nourishment, etc. in an attempt at defining them in the most useful way.

Another challenge was to look at various concepts about love and see what is complementary about them and if there are ways they can be integrated.

Finally, the participants examined ways in which love can be ‘given and received’ to identify tools which allow individuals to exchange love in easier, more consistent ways.

The event, scheduled for June 26th, 2016, was considered the the best conference participants ever attended.