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    We have the research, tools and programs to fine tune the performance of the most complex and sophisticated "machine" in the world:  the human being.
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    We have the research, tools and programs to fine tune the performance of the most complex and sophisticated "machine" in the world:  the human being.

Let us help you optimize your talent in ways that will transform them and your organization. 

We are ‘Pioneers’ in the field of human development; corporate wellness and productivity, leadership and engagement, executive trainings/coaching - our specialties.


Harvard Business Review –



There is a strong correlation between EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and bottom line results – often beating earnings goals by 20%.


      • WELLZONES @ WORK - THDC has brought EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EI) into the only clinically proven integrative medicine, EAP, and corporate culture program on the market. Our EI concepts and tools are original, and equally effective both at work and the home. Our programs can double your participation rates - full money back guarantee.
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        The 3 things every CEO, VP, HR Director and Executive must know for optimum leadership, productivity and engagement
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      • Have us consult with your teams, or coach your Executives in Emotional Intelligence to become the Leaders inspiring loyalty, and lifting their teams to new levels of wellness, engagement, and productivity.
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        'The Positive Internal Relationship with Ourselves’ is at the foundation and key to not only managing and  collaborating with others, but the health and wellness of every employee. Learn Why?
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      • Our experts on Emotional Intelligence are available as Speakers for Leadership, Motivation, Wellness, Engagement, Resilience, at your conference or corporate event to inspire, motivate and educate your employees to succeed. 
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        Even the top speakers, those being paid a hundred thousand dollars or more per appearance, only have a  temporary effect, and only on a small segment of the audience. Why?

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Testimonial –

"As Benefits Director for 130,000 employees and executives at The TJX Companies for 26 years I had the opportunity and responsibility to evaluate numerous programs designed to assist our associates dealing with daily life issues as the principal objective to maintaining their physical and mental health.

The program designed by Deutsch and De Freitas confronts the assumption that people are ready and waiting for a program, be it wellness, engagement, resilience, leadership to be dropped in their lap. Fact is those who need it most are the least likely participants. Corporate participation rates average only 8-10% for EAP and much less for many corporations. D&Ds focus goes to the heart of what is required to triumph over the inner obstacles people have to overcome to thrive and maintain good health and the desire and vigor to lead a productive life. It accomplishes this objective in a revolutionary way compared to other programs I have evaluated.”   Camillo Davis, Director of Benefits, TJX