Find out how to Develop your Child’s Life and become better Parents

Sports, healthy foods, good schools and computers, and good neighborhoods are the minimum you try to invest in your child’s successful development. You should feel good about your sacrifices and effort. But will it guarantee your child’s success? Read more on Parenting…

Children Are Born Perfect – A New Paradigm

Of course we don’t mean that they all look like Venus or Adonis, think like Einstein, are Olympic Champions, and have the spirit of Gandhi or Mother Teresa. But in fact, in the view of The Continuum Theory, they are perfect – they are equipped with everything necessary to get the very best that life has to offer them. They are equipped to realize their full potential, and have happiness and fulfillment along with it. And this is exactly what all parents want for their children. But it doesn’t always turn out that way. What goes wrong? And what can you as a parent do about it? You are already giving your child everything you possibly can. Maybe both of you are working to provide a better life, more opportunities, and more things. Become Aware on how to develop your child to their full potential. Read more on Parenting…

Just Say Yes
to Love (JSYTL)

JustSayYesToLove is touching hearts and minds. Helping thoughtful singles everywhere develop the skills, create the context, and acquire the tools necessary to find lasting relationships.

Go to to register today and start learning about yourself and relationships.

Training The Therapist

THDC will soon begin to open our doors for qualified coaches, counselors, psychologists, and psychotherapists. A comprehensive certification program will teach professionals to integrate the Continuum Theory into their work and credential them to teach the theory and HDC programs in schools, colleges, corporations, and fitness centers.

National School Program

Emotional Intelligence EI curriculum program for grades 3 to 12. The course applies the tenets of the Continuum Theory of human development and focuses on Awareness – Envisioning – Communication – Unconditional Behavior. The program benefits a child’s self-esteem, as well as school performance and home life.

Our Books

THDC has undertaken the publishing of a series of books based on the Continuum Theory’s applications. Their purpose is to enrich our ability to love unconditionally, to parent effectively, to age powerfully, and reach our life goals in a remarkably effective and unique way.

National Relationship Fitness Program

This innovative program continues the progress that fitness clubs have shown with regard to meeting the needs of their members. In addition to merely having fitness equipment and trainers, fitness clubs today offer nutritious foods and snacks, yoga, meditation, talks and workshop in order benefit the whole person. The one area fitness clubs have not addressed is what we call “Relationship Fitness.”

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