The FIRST INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM TOWARD A UNIFIED SCIENCE OF LOVE held on June 26th, 2016 in New York was a resounding success.  To see who participated and read more about it, go to
  The first research program that will examine the efficacy of Deutsch's theory that love is nourishment like air, food and water will begin September 8th, 2016 in Danbury, Connecticut, at Danbury Hospital.  Click as appropriate:  More Information  Research Proposal

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The Human Development Company (THDC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit training and educational research organization, doing pioneering work by applying The Continuum Theory, a breakthrough in human development, to deliver lasting change to the public and key sectors of society by transforming and inspiring them to reach their potential and fulfill their purpose.

99% percent of your readers, viewers and listeners search for answers about love and relationships. In their quest for answers that work, they wander from one well-intentioned expert or guru to another. Each time they are hopeful that the promise will have a lasting effect, but it rarely does. Why?  The answers do not deal with the root cause of pain, which is the lack of control over the love they’re getting and giving. When we do not have control it causes anxiety, depression, stress and great unhappiness.

We try to control the love we get and give by controlling people who we depend on for love and they do the same to us. As no one likes to be controlled, we are continually disappointed and fall into a cycle that is repeated as we mistakenly try to impose control.

When we don’t have control over this essential love, what are our alternatives?  Trying to become rich and famous, watching sports or cooking shows, exercising or shopping? Not even close!  All these are poor substitutes that can never fill the void of not feeling loved by Self or others. 

 When we acquire the ability to love ourselves, we no longer need to control others. We have healthy interdependent relationships and are able to enjoy inner peace and tranquility.

 Infants are showered with unconditional love which is what children, teenagers and adults need for the rest of their lives. We do not get that!

 The Human Development Company’s revolutionary philosophy and programs explain that love is nourishment and as important as air, food and water. Our philosophy puts the controls of “getting and giving love” back where they belong, in the hands of every human being. With it comes the promise for individuals to become self-sufficient, meaning loving themselves. Self-sufficiency allows for other’s love without being dependent on them for it.

As members of the media, you are always hoping that instead of promoting the latest fad or trend in relationship, which spreads well intentioned ignorance, but hurts those in need, you can become the lasting resource that enlightens your audience. With our help and the new science of love your audience can be “showered” with love again!

To schedule an appointment with Stefan Deutsch for an interview, please CLICK HERE.

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