The FIRST INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM TOWARD A UNIFIED SCIENCE OF LOVE held on June 26th, 2016 in New York was a resounding success.  To see who participated and read more about it, go to
  The first research program that will examine the efficacy of Deutsch's theory that love is nourishment like air, food and water will begin September 8th, 2016 in Danbury, Connecticut, at Danbury Hospital.  Click as appropriate:  More Information  Research Proposal

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The Human Development Company (THDC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit training and educational research organization, doing pioneering work by applying The Continuum Theory, a breakthrough in human development, to deliver lasting change to the public and key sectors of society by transforming and inspiring them to reach their potential and fulfill their purpose.

THDC’s unique trainings develop the skill of unconditional behavior towards self and others and it is the missing piece in therapeutic modalities. We have found that this missing piece positively impacts the outcome of both individual and couples therapy.

Using our tools, therapists even learn how to support the spouse who comes alone and wants to heal their marriage. The client learns to love themself and is encouraged and empowered to work towards healing the marriage instead of empowered to end it.

In cases where the marriage dissolves, the individual is now equipped to create healthy relationships with everyone in their life. As we well know, second marriage divorce rate is at 80%. Relationships with children and family members also suffer.

Although our present training is couples focused, it is like getting two for the price of one because it also works for individuals! When you have these tools, you can;

1)   Help couples build a healthier relationship with each other;

2)   Support the spouse who comes alone and wants to heal their marriage to accomplish that goal;

3)   Teach your single clients to build a healthy relationship with themselves and others.

This course is an integral part of a program recently launched by The Human Development Company (THDC), “Saving a Marriage - Saves a Family” to reduce divorce rates in the U.S. 20% by 2020.

Course Benefits:

·      Greater success and enjoyment working with couples and individuals

·      Improves practitioners personal relationships

·      Broadens your theoretical and clinical foundation

·      Increases your income

Be Part of Our Ongoing Research to Validate the Tenets of The Continuum Theory

The initial trial group receives substantial discounts on the standard fees in return for their commitment to supply feedback on applying the tools and concepts to their client population as well as their personal lives.

Designed by Stefan Deutsch, Yolanda Goudeketting, MFT and Roberta Karant, Ph.D., the Couples Course certification program takes 12 months to complete.  

The beta program’s comprehensive package includes:

·      2-Month Online Course with audio and video

·      10 monthly webinars for supervision at no additional cost

·      6-Week Home Study Course for Couples

·      Assessment tools to measure both your clients’ and your progress

·      Stefan Deutsch’s book – LOVE DE-CODED for couples

·      Website for growth and development of healthy  Membership is FREE for your clients.

To Apply, contact – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Certified therapists and other mental health professionals can apply for trainings to lead our income producing live events, “Saving A Marriage – Saves A Family"™ 


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