The FIRST INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM TOWARD A UNIFIED SCIENCE OF LOVE held on June 26th, 2016 in New York was a resounding success.  To see who participated and read more about it, go to
  The first research program that will examine the efficacy of Deutsch's theory that love is nourishment like air, food and water will begin September 8th, 2016 in Danbury, Connecticut, at Danbury Hospital.  Click as appropriate:  More Information  Research Proposal

The Human Development Company

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The Human Development Company (THDC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit training and educational research organization, doing pioneering work by applying The Continuum Theory, a breakthrough in human development, to deliver lasting change to the public and key sectors of society by transforming and inspiring them to reach their potential and fulfill their purpose.

Marlena Pikulinska – St. John’s U. - What made you want to take the 6 week course?

  • To be more understanding
  • To learn how to get my point across without arguing
  • To learn how to express loving feelings
  • To learn how to love myself
  • To help me be more aware of what kind of relationships I want with people
  • To be more trusting
  • To help me be more patient with people
  • To be more open and comfortable with new relationships
  • To help make me more understanding of my own actions
  • Gave me hope that others love me

What did you get out of the course?

I feel like this course helped me strengthen my relationships with my family and friends. Also, it helped me to be more patient and understanding. I know that it is from THDC that I gained the proper tools to be able to communicate better. This was especially helpful when my ex-best friend wanted to talk things out. I was able to put my pride aside and we had a great conversation. Now, we are working on our friendship and it feels like the whole year of not speaking was unnecessary and fortunately just a minor setback.

Colleen Benis – school? - What did you get out of the course?

  • Made me love myself more
  • More aware of what I want from other people
  • Realize I can have more control over my life
  • Gave me hope that others love me
  • "gave me power to change situations"
  • Hope
  • Experience less Pain
  • Made me happier
  • Allowed me to approach relationships in a different way

Elizabeth DeHaan – school? - What did you get out of the course?

  • Made me more aware of myself.
  • Changed how I approach situations
  • More aware of what I want from my life
  • Helped me to understand what I shouldn't accept
  • Strengthened relationships
  • Helped me to appreciate the positive relationships in my life
  • Allowed me to see other people's perspectives
  • Made me realize that life is a changing process
  • Changed the way I communicate
  • Helped me deal with pain

Erica Oden

I chose the self-talk option; I talk to myself a lot and these are actual things I have discussed. My subconscious is the bold, and my conscious is in italics. The proper way to respond to my negative self-talk is in blue.

I am a failure, and haven't accomplished anything.
- You should just give up and quit trying.
I am finally coming into my own and getting to know myself. This process has been going on for 6 years. I am not a failure, these things take time. I need encouragement; I want to feel like I have your support.
I am ugly and no one will ever want me.
- You are ugly and no one will ever want you so why bother?
I am beautiful. True beauty is on the inside and not what magazines try to sell us. Just because I am alone right now does not mean that I am not attractive and no one wants me. The time to find the right companion has not come yet. I need to continue to focus on my goals, develop my inner beauty, and be patient.
Nobody really cares what you have to say and you know it!
- You're right, I should just sit down and shut up.
I don't think this is true. This negativity from you is not going to affect me. I will not sit down and shut up.
You are extremely socially awkward, don't have any friends, and people just don't like you!
- I know I am. This is your fault, I never wanted to be that way! Just leave me alone and let me be.
I am working through my issues, and could use your help to continue to combat this awkwardness and acquire friendships. Maybe you think people do not like me, because you do not like me, let's work together to change that.
There is too much stress and I know you can't take it anymore, maybe you should just end it.
- End my life? Well I'm not too sure about that one, but I do understand where you're coming from.
You know that I have come too far for you to say things like that to me. It is disappointing because it shows your lack of respect, appreciation and support of how hard I have worked on myself. I will definitely stay around and watch my life improve.

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